Control kit - Beretta BeSMART Control

Control kit - Beretta BeSMART Control

Control kit - Beretta BeSMART Control

Programmable thermostat with a WiFi connection to control the microclimate in the house from anywhere using a smartphone and tablet.
* Specially designed to expand the capabilities of the Beretta boiler, BeSMART is compatible with most boiler brands on the market, as well as in WiFi configurations.
* The BeSMART application (in Russian) is available for free (for iOS and Android ≥ version 3.0) for downloading to a smartphone and tablet to control the microclimate in the house from anywhere in the world.
* An ideal replacement for old thermostats, not only Beretta but can also be supplied without a Wi-Fi unit and used as a traditional thermostat.
* Ability to control up to 8 different heating zones (non-mixed zones), from anywhere in the world, also through a mobile application.
* 3 temperature levels: comfort, economy, frost protection.
* 4 operating modes: automatic, manual, party, holiday.
* Setting the thermostat cooling mode (also using the mobile application).
* Setting the room temperature from + 3°C to +35°C in increments of 0.2°C (also using the mobile application).
* Weekly programming of heating at 30-minute intervals (also using the mobile application).
* Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature are displayed (also in the mobile application).
* Battery low indicator (also in the mobile application).
* BeSMART control unit outputs:
* wired on / off; wired OTBus; wireless on / off; wireless OTBus.
* User Registration at Cloud Beretta
* BeSMART is powered by 2 AA 1.5 V batteries (supplied).

WiFi block for connecting to a home WiFi ADSL modem for Internet access is not included in the package!
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Exclusive to Beretta, additional benefits of TOP BeSMART:
* Full control of the home microclimate and boiler - including the setting of domestic hot water - also using the mobile app.
* Improved comfort and savings through the operation of BeSMART as a modulating programmable thermostat also using a mobile application.
* Notification of warnings and remote reboot of the boiler - also using the mobile application.