Electronic thermostat - EFET 530

Electronic thermostat - EFET 530

Electronic thermostat - EFET 530

Electronic thermostats. They are used for comfort heating systems surface - "Warm floor" or complete systems for space heating. Hull construction involves the installation of a wall in the mounting box. Two-pole switch. EFET 530 systems "warm floor" with a floor sensor to the wire. The thermostat has a temperature sensor break detection on the wire, the display - flashing green LED, the voltage at the load is not supplied.

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Type electronic thermostat
Supply voltage 230 V~ + 10% / -20%, 50 Hz
Active load 15 А 230 V, 3450 W
Inductive load 1 А 250 V, cos ϕ = 0,3
Load switch NO, double contact relay
Hysteresis 0,4 °С
Indicator LED green/red
Operating temperature -10...+30 °C
Color white
Protection level IP31
Sensor type floor sensor, 3 m, NTC 15 kOhm at 25 °С
Adjustment range 5...45 °С
Measures 85x85x36 mm
Country Denmark
Manufacturer Danfoss

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