Thermostat - OJ - OTN-1991 H11

Thermostat - OJ - OTN-1991 H11

Thermostat - OJ - OTN-1991 H11

OTN-1991 H11 is an electronic thermostat for underfloor heating with a built-in relay rated for currents up to 14 A. It is used with a floor temperature sensor. The OTN-1991 H11 scheme provides for the possibility of automatically lowering the floor temperature by 5 ° C at the desired hours, usually at night. To do this, the timer must be connected to the Thermostat via terminal 3. If nighttime temperature reduction is not involved, then terminal 3 remains free. The Thermostat for the underfloor heating OTN-1991 H11 has a protective shutdown circuit that is triggered by an open or short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit.

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Type  thermostat
Voltage 230 V +10/-15 %
Output relay 14 A
Built-in breaker 1-pole
Range of adjustment  +5°С/+40°С
Temperature lowering mode 5°С (using a remote timer)
IP rating IP21
Surrounding temperature 0/+50°С
Dimensions (H/W/T) 80/80/50 mm
Sensor type NTC
Country Denmark
Manufacturer OJ Electronics